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Drone Johnson - Film, TV & Commercial

Aerial Cinematography

DJ offers an aerial cinematography service designed to the highest production standards.

Specialists in advertising, film and television, at DJ, we operate with the most state-of-the-art technology to obtain stunning images. We fly drones such as Freefly System Alta 8 for ARRI, RED, SONY, DJI Inspire 2 and FPV to obtain stabilised or dynamic sequences according to the director’s needs. Our pilots have more than 15 years of experience handling unmanned aircraft and specialize in close-up shots.

We have the necessary authorisations and experience to operate in complicated scenarios, including airport areas, urban environments, industrial zones, etc. 

We make sure to obtain the aeronautical documentation to carry out the operation.

Drone Johnson - Film, TV & Commercial

Drone Johnson Films

We turn your ideas into history. DJF takes care of the entire production– from development of the idea to the final delivery.

With our experience in film and TV advertising for brands such as Samsung, Range Rover and Fiat among others, we know how to turn ideas into great projects. Filmmakers, DOPs & Directors work closely together to create the most spectacular images and breathtaking viewpoints possible. At DJF, we run the latest technology passionately and purposefully, working alongside the entire team to create the most amazing visual experience. We have a wide variety of cameras for all types of productions such as Alexa Mini, Red, or Sony. Our film crew has over 15 years of experience in the audiovisual industry.

Our Drones

Freefly Alta 8

If you want to raise film cameras like ALEXA MINI or RED, this Octocopter is the one for you. 

With a flight time of max. 8 mins. And with a maximum lift of 9 kg, this drone is designed for film productions of the highest level. Without losing agility or speed.

  • Max payload: 9kg
  • Gimbal: Freefly movi pro
  • Fly time: 10min
  • Max speed: 80km/h
  • Inverse camera option
  • Cameras Supported: Alexa Mini, RED, SONY

Dji Inspire 2 X7

It is the standard DRONE/Camera combo in the high-end audiovisual world.

The DJI INSPIRE 2 is a very dynamic and flexible drone that adapts to most types of flight, with a flight time of approximately 18 minutes. This drone weighs only 4kg, making it easy to take off and land on virtually any land and water surface.

The combination with the X7 camera with a SUPER 35 sensor and capable of recording in both ProRES 4444XQ and RAW up to 5.9k.

  • Super 35mm sensor
  • 6K
  • Raw, pores 4444XQ, prores 422
  • Max Speed: 94km/h
  • Fly time: 20min
  • 24mp stills

Dji Inspire 2 X5s

  • Micro ford thirds sensor
  • 5.2K
  • Raw, pores 4444XQ, prores 422
  • Max Speed: 94km/h
  • Fly time: 20min

Drone Johnson


Takes Your Business to New Heights

With the use of drones at Drone Johnson Inspections we perform traditionally costly, dangerous, and tedious tasks for a fast, safe service and produce results that create new quality standards.

Using our aerial platforms with high resolution cameras and sensors (Zoom up to 200x, cameras up to 48mpx, thermographic camera) we cover different areas of inspection.

We have all the authorisations and experience to operate in complex scenarios such as airport zones, urban environments, industrial zones, etc. We take care of obtaining aeronautical documentation to be able to conduct the operation.

  • Inspection of solar panels
  • Inspection of windmills
  • Inspection of towers or any high point
  • Topography / 3D point cloud
  • Inspection of bridges and structures
  • Inspection of roofs
  • Data collection for loss assessment

Drone racing

FPV Drone

Experience the Thrill of High-Speed Action

FPV stands for First Person View, meaning that the pilot sees the drone from a first-person perspective through VR goggles.

These drones can show a completely different and dynamic point of view. They are designed to track sports, close-up shots and stunts. These types of drones are becoming increasingly popular in the world of film and advertising for the astonishing image they can deliver.

The world of racing drones taken to the audiovisual field, these drones are capable of carrying a RED KOMODO camera, and reach speeds of up to 100KMH, an ideal drone for tracking cars on the road or circuit and for all types of extreme sports tracking. It has a HD video transmission system with a range of up to 6km, do not lose detail of every shot. Different types of DRONE/Camera configurations are available to meet every need.


Drone known as CINELIFTER designed to carry RED KOMODO type cameras or similar, suitable for high speed flights and tracking in open spaces.

  • FPV drone for Red Komodo or similar
  • Super fast and dynamic drone
  • No Gimbal (Camera looking forward)
  • DJI Video Transmitter
  • Red Komodo Available for rent with the drone
  • Laowa 9mm and 14 mm lenses
  • Top Speed: 160Km/h
  • Range 600m
  • 3-5min of flight


This CINELIFTER Drone is specifically designed to carry a RED KOMODO type camera in smaller spaces and with people in the way, without risk of damage, thanks to the protection of its blades.

  • FPV drone for Red Komodo or smiliar
  • Perfect for smaller spaces and people in the way, with less risk of damage
  • One Operator (Pilot)
  • DJI Video Transmitter
  • Red Komodo Available for rent with the drone
  • Laowa 9mm and 14mm lenses
  • Top Speed: 70-80Km/h
  • Range 600m
  • 4-6min of flight


The bigger brother of the CINELIFTER drones, being able to carry a load of up to 3-4kg. This drone can support up to an ALEXA MINI. It also has the option to fly with dual operators, where one operator steers the drone and the other can move the camera 360º to take stabilised and dynamic shots using the DJI Ronin RS3 stabiliser.

  • FPV drone for Red Komodo, Alexa Mini or similar
  • Super fast and dynamic drone
  • Pilot + Cam Op
  • Gimbal DJI Ronin RS3 Pro
  • DJI Video Transmitter
  • Red Komodo Available for rent with the drone
  • Laowa 9mm and 14mm lenses
  • Leica lenses for rent
  • Top Speed: 160Km/h
  • Range 600m
  • 8-10min of flight

5” Racing Drone GO PRO

Maximum speed without risk and with a spectacular image, this Drone, carries a GOPRO11.

  • FPV drone for Gopro 11
  • Super fast and dynamic drone
  • One Operator (Pilot)
  • No Gimbal (Camera looking forward)
  • Top Speed: 160Km/h
  • Range 5KM
  • 3-7min of flight


Super-reduced spaces, and minimal risk, this drone can carry a GOPRO11.

  • Speed: 70 km/h
  • Autonomy: 2-5 minutos
  • Range: 1km
  • Cameras: Tipo Gopro, insta 360 o similares
  • Wind guts: 15 km/h


For even tighter spaces, able to fit through even the smallest gaps and weighing less than 250g. Equipped with a GOPRO 9 Naked.

  • Speed: 100km/h
  • Autonomy: 2-4 minutos
  • Range 1km
  • Cameras: GOPRO Naked inferior a 40g.
  • Wind guts: 15 km/h


Capable of landing and taking off from above the water smoothly, suitable for monitoring water sports without worrying about splashes. Can carry GOPRO type cameras or similar.

  • Speed: 120km/h
  • Autonomy: 2-5 minutos
  • Range: 1km
  • Cameras: Gopro, Insta 360 o similares.
  • Wind Guts: 25 km/h

Latest Projects

Empresa de drones

DJ no es una empresa de drones cualquiera, sino que es algo más. Lo que buscamos es poder darte la mejor solución en lo que a filmación con drones se refiere. Contamos con una gran experiencia llevando a cabos proyectos de publicidad y cine, así que, si quieres dar un salto de calidad y contar con un proyecto espectacular, somos lo que estás buscando. ¿Sabes por qué podemos garantizar los mejores resultados? Porque nos hemos preocupado por contar con un equipo de profesionales altamente cualificados, que están en disposición de garantizar la respuesta perfecta, incluso antes las demandas más exigentes.

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